Sunday, 18 November 2012

'I Love Craft' Fair @The Civic 17.11.12

Yesteday was the 'I Love Craft' Fair at The Civic in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. It was a moderate day, I made the most sales in the morning and then at lunch time it really dropped quiet. The customers came in drips and draps for the rest of the afternoon. However some customers had said the event was poorly advertised and had only caught sight of an A4 poster in the reception area of the Civic. Other craft stall holders said they had heard the same comments. I suppose it's just one of those things though, some craft fairs do amazingly well, really well advertised and greatly attended....then other fairs are just a dud, which is a shame and I'm sure there are crafters that end up making a loss at times. If you have ever attended a craft fair and had a stall/table there, please let me know what your experiences are!

So anyway, here are some photos of my stall at the event. I was also selling some of my Mum's hand made cards and stuffed bears, as well as some 'Woollies' items, which was a business that me and a friend did whilst at college and I still have some leftover stock.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Packaging Off

First off, I want to apologize in not posting for so long. I've been so busy with my new apprenticeship job and just not had time to upload anything.

So I've been selling a couple of item on my Etsy shop (I desperately need to put more items up in my Etsy shop now!) and I quite liked packaging them up and sending them off on their ways to my customers. Here's some pictures of the process I go through to send a package off your way.

Firstly I like to wrap the item up in some tissue paper (Although I need to get some more tissue paper!) and then I get some raffia and tie it around.

I think doing this makes it look like a cute little present or gift for the buyer. Plus I like doing the nice little touches.

Bubble wrapping is a must, I like my parcels to it-stand nuclear bombs (touch wood no nuclear bombs). I think that I have put the time and effort into making my items, I don't want them to end up getting ruined whilst in transit to the customer.

I finish it off by doing a hand written message, just simply saying thank you and that it may need a slight iron after being folded up in the parcel. I also like to give them a 10% discount code to use in my shop in their next purchase (which I've smudged out so that you cheeky readers can't use the code until you've already bought something haha!) 

I sincerely hope that my parcels do make it to you and that you enjoy what I have done :)