Sunday, 24 March 2013

S/S 13 Hannah Elizabeth Inspo.

Hannah Elizabeth is currently under way of starting up its very first clothing line, set to release this Spring Summer. A lot of planning, researching and collecting is needed before even putting pen to paper in designing the garments. Here are three mood boards, representing the colour palette, fabric choices and design elements.

The colour palette will consist of lush lilacs, candy pinks, mint greens, soft lemons, peaches and sky blues. A full array of Pastel tones to keep a lovely feminine and girl feel to it.

Fabrics will have plenty of laces with embellishments. chiffons, satins, meshes, etc. I'd love to keep my fabric choices towards tactile, touchy-feely an flowing type materials.

The design elements will mostly be towards dresses but also in skirts, blouses and shorts. Dresses with elasticated waists to give fullness in the skirts that are longer at the back than the front. Batwing tops and lace overlays will be nice additions and the lace trimmed shorts for extra cuteness.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage Pink Style

Dress - Magnolia
Underdress (Just seen) - Select
Cardigan - Atmosphere
Belt - Select
Scarf - New Look
Pearls - Primark
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Ok...bit of an odd blog post for me, this is my first self-style post I've EVER done! So please excuse my noob-ness. As a designer, I find it much easier to dress other people than dressing myself...wait...who am I kidding, I'm horrible at dressing myself!! However, now and then I seem to put myself in something that I quite like and feel proud of myself for putting together. This outfit is quite girly and summer-y with a bit of a vintage look with the lace and I love my nude-pink shoes! 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pastel Hair Inspiration

As a designer, I'm always on the look out for those fashion show elements inspirations and obviously hair is a major part! I would love to have my girls' hair in a ray of pastel tones and to be colourful...

Lilac & Pink

Lemon & Orange

Mint & Blue

Inspired by IFB Project #86

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Our New Design Studio!

Hannah Elizabeth now has its own design studio! Exciting times ahead!! However we have only just started doing it up and sorting everything out for it. The studio is two small adjoining rooms, as I will be having a lot of furniture including two industrial sewing machines, two desks, a cutting table, rails and much more!!

Each room has four walls (obviously) so each wall will be a different colour, I've chosen Lilac, Mint, Lemon and Sky Blue. All doors, skirting, architrave, etc. will be in White and then I'm having a lino put down on the floor in a laminate pattern. So excited to get it all done and get everything moved in!