Wednesday, 8 January 2014

10 Reasons You Should Be A Fashion Designer

10 Reasons you should be a fashion designer | Picture: Elie Saab Haute Couture

If you're passionate about fashion, be it any field from PR to textiles, or in any other creative industries, we all have a little designer-esque traits in us and if you didn't already know that, here's just a mere 10 reasons to start you off with.

1. You Can't Find What You Want When Shopping

You go out shopping and you have the exact thing you want in your head but you can't find it anywhere! This perfect dress just cannot be found, therefore you may as well just make it yourself.

2. You See Something In A Shop and Think 'I Can Make That Myself'

So you spot a dress or a top you like, but upon further inspection you realise its a pretty simple design and that you could easily make it exactly the same yourself and for half the price!

3. You Doodle Fantasy Dresses

Whether this be in your classes, at your desk job, on layed on the sofa, you just naturally start to do fashion illustrations of beautiful ball gowns, over the top party dresses or crazy stage dresses. These fantasy items are figments of your imagination, but have unlimited possibilities.

4. You See A Piece Of Fabric and Instantly Imagine It Made Up In A Dress

So you wonder through the markets or into a haberdashery shop and see some wonderful fabric and within seconds you already have 10 ideas of the style of dress it could be made up in.

5. You Have A Dream Team Of Famous Models

If you ever had the chance to put on your own fashion show and had the pick of any models throughout the world, you know exactly who you would have. This dream team of models could range from Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Lara Stone or Miranda Kerr, you know exactly who you'd pick.

6.  You Upcycle Old Clothing 

Maybe you have some old clothes hidden at the back of your wardrobe or you love a good charity shop, you see items where you see they could be upcycled into something beautiful again and to suit the next season.

7. You Carry A Sketchbook With You At All Times

This could be a sketchbook or a notebook from full sized to pocket size, but when creativity strikes and even at the strangest of times, you have somewhere to get it all put down and it's always within in reach.

8. You See A Garment And Think 'That Would Look Better With A Different Neckline'

Someone passes you in the street or you see something on a mannequin in a shop window and even though it may be pretty, you always see a tweak that could make it ten times better. This could be a different neckline, a shorter hem or longer sleeves, but you always spot an area where it could be made better.

9. You Have The Perfect Theme If You Ever Made A Runway Collection

By some off chance you get approached to make a one-off, zero expenses catwalk collection, you already know the perfect theme you would base the whole project off. This could be a bohemian-gothic hybrid, an underwater tale or a birds of a feather collection, you tell us!

10. You Know Exactly Which Designer You Would Work For, Even If For Free!

We all have our favourite designers and if this dream was to come true, you'd even work for them for free! All because you just love them that much! My choice would have to be Elie Saab.

Find yourself nodding to any of these reasons? Or do you have more to add? Let us know what yours are and if any of them have actually led you to become a Fashion Designer.