Wednesday, 12 September 2012

'I Love Craft' Fair @ The Civic

On November 17th, I will be attending the 'I Love Craft' Fair, at The Civic in Barnsley (my local town) and this is the first fair I've booked for Hannah Elizabeth. I'm also looking to book another fair that is on mid-October but I am yet to send off the booking form.

The fair is on 10-4 and I'll be bringing all my collars, bags and cuffs. I'm also sharing the stall with my mum who will be bringing some hand-made cards and hand-made teddy bears. So our stall will look a pretty nice mish-mash! 

I attended the Civic fair last year as well when I was doing another business with a friend. It was quite successful so I thought I'd best attend this year too with the same hopes.

Wish us luck!

^The above images belong to The Civic, not myself.