Sunday, 14 April 2013

Editorials We Love

As a fashion designer myself, I'm always looking for inspiration from design ideas to new marketing ways. A really important part to me is how the garments are conveyed across to the customers, like what is the voice of the brand, who are you aiming at, how do you want the customers to feel and much more, all of this has to be said in just one picture. It takes a team of people to create just that one picture, the Model being the main conveyor and closely worked side-by-side with the photographer. But then there is also make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, graphic designers and many more. 

However, when a brand doesn't have the budget to have such a large team, it becomes a much more daunting task. I am a one-woman-band, running my fashion business alone so I have to think of all aspects of having a photoshoot done and, more often than not, needing to do all the tasks myself. Here are some gorgeous photoshoots that are currently inspiring me.

LJT by Les Jupons de Tess Lingerie 2013

This photoshoot is just stunning, the setting looks to be an old mansion but it has plenty of light. The model is beautiful and I love her freckles. The theme of the photoshoot was to be soft yet a little sexy with underlining fetishes with the odd peak of chains woven in. There is definitely an innocence portrayed in the photos but looking deeper, you see some slight twists and hints of a less innocent meaning. 
See the whole editorial here

Pink Winter Light by Monique Vogelaar

Working with one model must be hard enough, but to then work with two must be harder! However they did a lovely job, the styling of the girls really works well with the shots, having plenty of different textures from the fringed coats to the furry and knitted scarves and obviously the hair looks like candy floss. The backdrop works nice, an ice-y wall, giving a real wintery feel in the shot.
See the whole shoot here

The Secret Garden by Jessica Prautzsch

This looks so elegantly simple, a secret garden as the backdrop, floral clothing, flower hair garlands and a beautiful model. Simple as. This can hit at any aged customer, could be the young 20-something or the matured 60+. The clothing is feminine, sweet, soft and those flower garlands are so cute!
See the full shoot here

Thurley S/S '12 Campaign

Another really simple yet effective shoot. A breezy beach, a tall model and some pretty clothing. The model comes across very relaxed, not pose-y. The clothing is quite modern with plenty of skin on show, clean silhouettes with textures. Love the hair in this, an updo always makes things look classy and the slight breeze makes it look textured.
See the rest of the campaign here