Sunday, 14 October 2012

Preparations for Craft Stalls

This weekend I've been preparing for Hannah Elizabeth's first craft event! The event will be at Darton College, Thursday 18th of October 6.30pm-9.30pm. I'll have all my collars as well as some bags and cuffs. I'm sharing the stall with a friend who will be selling the 'Woollies' brand items, as well as my mum decided to tag along to sell some hand-made cards and stuffed bears.

When preparing for a fair there is a few things I like to do to make sure I'm all organised, from tagging to making a stock sheet. I've been making my own business cards that have my contact information on and links. I've doubled these up as swing tags, hand-writing the info and prices on the back of them.

Making a stock list is quite an important task to do when going to craft fairs. It makes you aware of how many items you are taking with you, as well as being able to tick off each item you sell whilst there, making it easy to double check your money takings at the end of the day. I like to number my tags, corresponding to the stock sheet and then I know which item is which and making sure I write a good description of each item.

Finally, double checking that all items have be accounted for and all have prices on their tags. You don't want the embarrassing moment when a customer finds an item without a tag or price and you frantically try and work out a price that could end up being over priced for the customer, or under priced for your costings.

Being prepared for a craft fair is very important and saves you a lot of hassle and stress on the day. I next need to sort out what I will be doing for the presentation of my table and deciding whether I need any display boxes or props. Also on the day before going to the fair, I plan on ironing some of my items as they sometimes get creases in and I want my items looking pristine!